Space investment day – A Spotlight on Space-tech Startups

There is more to space than just rocket science! From agriculture, to tourism and even data analytics, there are many companies using space technology for a variety of innovative business applications.

Welcome to Space Investment Day. A full day digital event which aims to shine the spotlight on space-tech startups, investors, entrepreneurs and visionaries. On the 18th of November tune in for our live broadcast to see pitches by exciting space start-ups, inspirational talks from key figures within the Nordic and international space ecosystem.


What to Expect

✅ The entire event will take place online

✅ Webinar with inspirational talks from key figures in the space-tech industry

✅ Start-up and investor matchmaking

✅ Rocket pitches from selected space-tech startups

✅ Exciting panel discussion on the general state of space

✅ Networking and more networking on the Brella platform

  • 17 november

  • 10.00-16.00

  • Online

Space investment day 2021