Why be a member?

  • We are Sweden’s most interesting context for innovation, development and inspiration regarding aerospace-related issues.

  • We are the bridge between research, business and operations within aerospace.

  • We create the conditions for growth and help our member companies to jointly create new business regionally, nationally and internationally.

No aircraft takes off by itself. Neither do very many businesses. Success, is about collaboration. Linköping has long been closely associated with aviation. We intend to continue that association. We must not only follow the exciting developments taking place in aerospace – we must lead them, together.

Aerospace Cluster Sweden is a bridge between research, business and operations within aerospace. Good foundation work is required in order to reach the correct altitude. Lots of aviation related work is carried out on the ground. A long chain of many linked skills are needed in order to get something to fly. Exactly as we are working in the cluster. Our diverse network brings together screw manufacturers, design engineers, innovators, plane operators and space scientists – the more we are, the stronger we are together.

You are offered a place in an active network with frequent opportunities for personal meetings. You and your company will be notified about research and development projects, access to reports and statistics, invitations to networking activities, conferences and seminars and the opportunities to expose the company’s brand at conferences, trade shows and in other promotional contexts.