About us

Aerospace Cluster Sweden is the obvious network and unifying force for everyone who is professionally engaged in the aerospace industry. Through our communities we create opportunities for business, innovation and growth. In our Airtime Arena, we offer broadcast time for all who want to make their voice heard on aerospace-related issues.

Cooperation breeds success. Our network unites a variety of stakeholders and ideas and facilitates business creation. Besides the best interests of our members, we also prioritise the following areas:

  • Internationalisation
    Our geographical location is teeming with aviation tradition and innovation. We originate from here, but create markets for business both locally and globally. In order to be at the forefront of aerospace-related issues, we need to think and act internationally.
  • Skills provision
    Having access to the right skills is a challenge for many expanding companies. Our network attracts tomorrow’s aerospace talent This is where people who work or study in aerospace look – where people who want to lead development look.
  • The opportunity to influence
    Together, our members represent an extremely broad expertise in matters relating to aerospace. With a collective ear to the outside world and with a common voice in debates and forums, our cluster has a great opportunity to influence.


A great thank you to those who have contributed material to the film:

AIT – Carmenta – GKN Aerospace/arianeGROUP – Quintus Technologies
SAAB – Swedish Space Coporation (SSC) – Telair – Tooltec

You can find a shorter version of the movie here.