The combination of 100 years of aviation tradition, world leading production and flourishing technological innovation gives our region fantastic opportunities for continued success. The aerospace industry is facing major changes. The only way to continue to lead development, both nationally and internationally, is to share our knowledge, our markets and business.

The municipality of Linköping chose in 2010 to adopt the epithet Linköping – Sweden’s aviation capital. To reinforce this, the municipality decided, with Nulink, (Business Development in Linköping) as the lead, to start a project with the objective of formalising a Swedish aviation cluster. The project started in the autumn of 2013, and the cluster was named the Aerospace Cluster Sweden, (ACS).

We are currently Scandinavia’s only formalised cluster within aerospace, in addition we are members of the European cluster organisation EACP. We are participating in the work on a new Swedish aviation strategy and our voice is being heard ever louder in various national and international forums. Through investments in joint business creating and cross-disciplinary development work, we are creating – together with our members – the possibility to further boosting the position of the region and the country within aerospace.